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  • Tour 3 days 

Tour 3 Days


The Western Wall, Jerusalem.jpg

Our first day will be dedicated to visiting Jerusalem, third in holiness only to Mecca and Medina. we ascend to Al Quds – the Holy City Jerusalem, where we will have an extensive tour of Al-Haram esh-Sharif, learn about it’s historical & architectonical background, and visit the holy Al Aqsa Mosque & The Dome of the Rock, “whose precincts We did bless” (Al Qur’an el Kareem, Sura 17, verse 1). We will also visit the Underground Mosque below the Al Aqsa, as well as the Marawani Mosque. We will than proceed and visit Jewish holiest place- the western wall also known as the Wailing wall. Our next Step will be the Church of Resurrection, where the Prophet Issa was crucified and buried, and the Omar Mosque built in front of its entrance, at the place where the victorious Omar prayed upon entering the Holy City. Dinner and Over-Night in Jerusalem.


Jerusalem Jaffa Gate.jpg

Drive to Hebron, also named Al-Khalil after the prophet Ibrahim. We will visit Machpela Cave (Haram el Khalil), a sanctuary built some 2000 years ago which is the buriel place of Ibrahim, Isaac, Jacob (Nabi Yaakub) and their spouses. We will also seize this opportunity to pray at this holy place. Hebron is also known for its glassblowers. Then we drive to Bethlehem, to visit the famous Church of the Nativity, where e-Nabi Issa was born. Before returning to our hotel, we ascend the Mount of Olives, with its panoramic view over the Old City of Jerusalem, Maqam (Sanctuary) Rabeiah-el-Adawiyah and Suleiman el-Farsi. Dinner and Over-Night in Jerusalem.



Breakfast at the hotel, today we leave Jerusalem and drive to tour the old city of Jaffa, one of the ancient gateways to the Holy Land: Through its port the cedar trees were brought to the Temple of Solomon (Bait el Muqqades ), the prophet Jonah tried to flee from God, and it was in Jaffa that the word of Allah began to spread among the nations through Nabi Butrus. Today, the renovated alleys of Jaffa attract many artists, who have their galleries there. Then we will drive through the modern city of Tel Aviv, to Maqam Sidna Ali, located on a cliff overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. The mosque was originally a 13th century Mamluk construction built in honor of one of Saladin's lieutenants who fought valiantly against the Crusaders and was killed in a battle on the hill where the mosque now stands. Leisure afternoon enjoying the economic and cultural center of Israel in Tel Aviv. Dinner and night in Tel Aviv.

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